If you are a hat lover, it is inevitable that your hat will get dirty. There will be some dirt, dust, sweat and stains on your hat. Therefore, you need regular cleaning to keep your hat clean and keep it in good shape.

Before cleaning your hat, you should check the material of the hat. In many cases, your hat has a label that indicates the material and cleaning instructions. You can refer to the instructions for more information. Different hats may also have different cleaning methods. Your hats need to be cleaned according to its unique structure to ensure that it will not be further damaged during the cleaning process.

Here are a few different ways to clean different kinds of hats, and I hope that will help you to clean your hats in the right way.  

Fur Felt Hats & Wool Hats

Felt hats and wool hats are usually more expensive and harder to clean than other hats. But cleaning your hats is an important step to keep them in good condition. Generally speaking, you need a soft bristle brush, and in special cases, a steam cleaner and powdered cleaners. To clean fur felt hats or wool hats, you should brush the top and bottom of the hat in counter-clockwise direction with a soft bristle brush. Flip the crown of your hat down, or hang it on a hat rack or hooks to keep its shape. If your hat is wet, shake off the excess water, let it dry, and then gently brush it. Of course, if your hat is a bit out of shape, you can use steam to reshape it. For heavy stains, use powdered cleaners to clean and rinse with water.

Straw Hats

In addition to regular after-wear maintenance, you can further clean your straw hat with something you already have at home, such as window cleaner. Or something special for cleaning straw hats, like straw hat cleaner, it can remove the residue, dirt, dust. Wipe gently with a damp cloth to keep it clean and fresh. Use window cleaner to remove heavier stains. Then place the hat on top of the hat or hang it on a hook to retain its shape. Don’t let your straw hats soak in the rain. If your hat gets wet, wipe off the excess water with a dry cloth. Then, turn the brim up and place it on a flat surface to let it dry. Steam the hat if it gets some wrinkles. Do not use a dryer or it will damage your hat.

Cloth Hats

Cloth hats are very easy to clean. You can brush them in a small amount of water in most cases. If your cloth hat is waxed or oiled cotton/canvas, just hose off when it gets dusty or dirty. If your hat is made of pure cotton or polyester, such as a bucket hat, you can clean it with a soft bristle brush and a bit of water. If the hat has heavier stains, clean it with powdered cleaners.  

Canvas Hats

Canvas hats are durable while not easy to maintain its shape. But it is easy for regular cleaning. You can wipe your canvas hats with a wet cloth. For heavier stains, you can use powdered cleaners.