A sun hat is a must-have item if you go hiking, camping, swimming and so on. Whether you want to go to the pool, beach or even the city, you’ll need a sun hat to protect you from the sun and harmful UV rays. Sun hats are one of the easiest accessories that can keep you cool especially for lazy girls. A packable sun hat is an essential thing for travel. You may be worried that hats are cumbersome to pack. Actually, a packable hat can be folded and stuffed into your suitcase without damaging it. Meanwhile, a sun hat is lightweight, so it won’t take up much space of your suitcase.

The following are some stylish packable sun hats that will provide you with sun protection and complete your outfit.

Straw Panama Hat

This straw Panama hat is very stylish, which will make you look more fashionable. The Panama hat is one of the most popular hats among hipsters in recent years. Panama hats are often made of nature straw or synthetic straw for summer. Wool felt Panama hat is perfect for winter. It’s crushable and foldable. It comes in many colors, and both men and women can wear the hat.

Wide-brimmed Packable Hat

This packable sun hat has a wide brim which slopes down at an angle. It is made of paper straw and flattens and folds for easy travel. The hat features a black sweatband for wicking moisture away from your head. The black and woven pattern is subtle and will make your outfit look stylish and cool.  

Packable Bucket Hat

A bucket-hat is a must-have item for many celebrities, hipsters, hip-hop rappers, fashion bloggers and others, thanks to its simple design and comfortable experience of wearing. This bucket hat is waterproof and it is ideal for water sports if you are planning on spending most of your vacation in the water. The fabric is breathable with mesh holes inside, and there’s an interior moisture-wicking sweatband which keeps you cool. Bucket hat are more casual and will go well with most of your casual wear.

Floppy Sun Hat

This floppy hat is easy to be packed and easy to carry. It features a downturned, large brim which can perfect shade your eyes, face, ears and even the neck from the UV rays. It comes an adjustable tie which ensure the hat securely stay on your head. The floppy hat is light in color and weight, which gives you a comfortable experience of wearing. The hat can be packed and stuffed into your luggage and won’t damage its shape.

Crushable and Packable Sun Hat

The hat is packable and crushable. It has a moderate brim which can protect you from the sun. It comes a UPF rating of 50+, which offer the best protection for you. It also has an adjustable chin leather cord to ensure it won’t blow away. This packable sun hat is the best choice for you to go fishing, hiking and camping. The hat also has vents that allow air pass through the fabric and keep you cool on hot days.