I believe that some of you may have a lot of hats on your wardrobe, but you always put them together no matter they are winter hats or summer hats. Most of you would like to hang it on the wall or just put it on the closet. That will definitely damage your hats. People usually think they have several hats, so they just fold them up, and then put into the corner of their wardrobe. Hats will get deformed even they are foldable and packable. Therefore, you need a hat rack to organize your collection of hats.

You can do a hat rack for your own by using your imagination and your creative ideas on your mind. You can do a hat rack based on your own styles and preferences. Design your own hat rack through the hats’ shape, size and others.

Here I would like to recommend your some simple but very useful and beautiful hat racks.

  • Tree Branches Hat Rack

As we all know, trees have many branches. That can provide you with the simplest and easiest way to make a hat rack. You can use real wood to make your own hat rack. If you want to hang more hats on these branches, you need to choose strong woods that can hold much more hats.

This hat rack is not only for hats, but it is also useful for your scarfs.

First, you need to find nice wood; and then paint your favorite color on the surface of the rack; lastly, install the rack on the wall.

  • Hat Rack with Wall Mounted Branch

Some creative and inspired people may think of making the hat rack become a kind of decoration to the room. You may have bought some nice bucket hat uk for your outdoors activities. We all know that summer bucket hats are often lightweight and soft, and some bucket hats have built-in drawstrings or chin straps. So this hat rack is best for hanging these bucket hats for it can use strings attached to a branch.

First, you need to find a branch. Second, check the branch if it is strong enough to hang these hats. Third, fix the branch on the wall. Lastly, you can freely hang the hats in any part of the branch.

  • Glass Box Hat Storage

Thanks to its foldable and packable design of the bucket hat, this glass hat storage box can store your medium-sized hats by folding the hats. If you want to display your bucket hats and make you easy to get your preferred one, this box is the best choice. Using this hat box, your hats won’t get stained by the dust or other elements. It also can keep you hats dry and clean.

  • Hat Rack with Hooks

You can use some ropes and belts to hang your hats. Hang the ropes from the ceiling to the place that you can reach. And then tie the hooks on the bottom of the ropes at intervals. It is very simple and unique for you to hang the hats on the ropes.