The fascinator is a common headdress that women wear it for formal or royal events. It can be seen as a fashionable dressy hat that a woman chooses to wear to complement their formal outfits. A fascinator can enhance your style and ensure you stand out in the crowd. You can find many kinds of fascinators on the market. They come in different sizes, materials and colors. While choosing the right headdress is not enough to give you the right style. You should also learn the techniques about combing your hair and the correct ways to wear a fascinator. Here are some tips on how to wear a fascinator properly on your hea

First of all, a fascinator is usually worn on one side of the head. You can wear the headdress on the left side of your head or on the right side. Traditionally, you wear it on the right side of your head. Of course, you can wear it on the front, but it can be a little strange while the look is quite bold.

Secondly, whether you want to make a statement or add a little glamour to your look, there is always a fascinator that suits you. So, if you think they’re not right for you, you may just not have tried the right style yet. Fascinators can be worn all day. They look great at the formal events including weddings and tea parties. You can also wear it to take part in royal events. Don’t wear a fascinator while watching a play or movie at the theater, because that will likely to block the view of others sitting behind you. And you cannot take it off as easily as the other types of hats.

Thirdly, fascinators are so varied and versatile that even brides and bridesmaids can wear them. You can match the color of your fascinator with your clothes and your hair color, or choose a different color of a fascinator to highlight your dress. Red hair works well with natural tones such as beige, brown, camel, which all look great. Blondes should choose warm colors such as coral, turquoise, navy, beige and taupe that look beautiful.

Fourthly, before wearing a fascinator, you should comb a part of your hair backwards first and then towards the middle of your head. This will help you to better use the pins of the fascinator. You can spray your hair with hairspray, especially for the part of the hair that you have just backcombed. That will help to add more volume and keep your combed hair stay the same style for a long time. If your hair is short, the easiest way to do that is to tie your fascinator on the hairband.

Last but not least, to keep your fascinator securely stay on your head, you can add special headwear, including combs, headbands and pins. Combs and pins are the best choice for medium and small fascinators. On the other hand, headbands are the best way to wear a large fascinator.    

There are many kinds of headpieces on the market, such as bucket hat, fedora hat and so on. Some of these can be worn in formal occasions while some cannot.