When you go fishing, you need to do a lot of preparations, like fishing gear and bait. Except fishing equipment, you also need to prepare some accessory to protect yourself from the sun, the rain and other elements. These accessories include a hat which can give you shade from the sun and the rain while fishing. You need to choose the right fishing hat that will fit your head perfectly and protect you from the sun and the rain. So you’d better measure the size of your head to make sure the hat correspond with your head size measurements. A good fishing hat should make you comfortable and cool when you are fishing. The following are some things that you should consider when picking a fishing hat.

Fade Resistance

As you know, you will spend the entire time in the sun and the rain during fishing. You do not want your hat get wet that make it lose color after it get wet by the rain. And the color of the hat is an important reason for protecting you from the sun.

Hat Size

People have different head sizes and shapes. Thankfully, the hats on the market come in different sizes and shapes to meet the needs of different people. There are small, medium and large sizes. This makes it easy for children and adults to buy a comfortable hat. The size of fishing hats for men is determined by the diameter of the head, not the circumference. Men’s fishing hats come in all sizes, just choose the one that fits your head size.

Adjustable Chin Strap

An adjustable chin strap will help you keep the hat stay securely on your head, especially when there is a strong wind. You do not want to let your hat is blown by the wind while you are fishing. With this adjustable chin strap, it will save you a lot of time trying to adjust your hat while you are fishing. Fishing hats comes with leather straps that are durable and comfortable for you to wear, which is why it is recommended by people who have a lot of experience of fishing.

Waterproof Function

Comfortable is a very important thing when you are choosing the right fishing hat. You should select a hat that not only protects your head from the sun but also protects you when it is raining without blocking the flow of air to your heat so that you do not experience too much heat. A waterproof hat is the best option for fishing, camping and hiking, such as a waterproof bucket hat will protect you from the rain to keep you dry.


In summer, you will experience a lot of heat and sweating. If the hat has no vents, you may feel overheat when you are wearing the hat. Thus, make sure the hat you are selecting has perfect ventilations to provide your head with cool air. For example, a bucket hat with mesh panels or eyelets that can allow air pass through the fabric and keep you cool.