It’s time to get the right equipment for your travel and adventure experiences. Hats are a must-have accessory for your travel and other outdoor activities, such as camping, hiking, fishing and more.

Choose the right hat for your adventure, then you will be protected from the sun, cold, rain and wind and other elements. You have to consider some points when choosing the hat for adventure. Here are several different hats for different outdoor activities.

Camping Hat

The best camping hat must be waterproof, provides you with good sun protection and keeps you cool as much as impossible. If it is a durable hat, it can be used as a floor mat, or as a temporary transport for wild berries. Also, a camping hat should have ventilation to keep you cool during the camping.

This washed cotton hat is very durable that looks like it has been worn on many camping trips and will last for long time. The hat is made of 100% cotton with UPF 50+ sun protective rating, which offers you the best protection from the sun when you are camping. Moreover, the fabric is water-repellent that keeps you away from the rain.

Hiking Hat

When you go hiking, you need a hat to keep you cool and protect you from the sun and wind. The hat with a wide brim also helps keep off sunlight from the woods and hilltops. Of course, the temperature may be very low in the woods, so you need a hat that can keep you warm.

The best hiking hat should be functional and practical. In addition to having sun-protective and waterproof abilities, it should also have a sweatband to wick the sweat away from your head and let it evaporate naturally. Hats are a must for hikers. Also, a good hiking hat should have an adjustable chin strap or drawstring that to keep the hat stay put on your head, and also you can adjust it to suit your needs.  

Fishing Hat

Fishing needs you to spend for several hours even time of day. Hats may always be forgotten when it comes to fishing gear, but it can really make a difference if you wear a hat. A high-quality fishing hat keeps you warm and dry, and protects you from the sun and rain. There are too many bugs like mosquitoes in outdoors. Bucket hats for men were originally invented to protect fishermen and farmers from the sun and the rain, so it is your first choice for a fishing hat. A bucket hat usually has vents to keep you cool when you are fishing.

Paddling Hat

Your hat makes a big difference when you’re paddling because it’s the only equipment that gives you shade and keeps you cool. At present, there are some hats specifically designed for boaters, such as bucket hats, bonnie hats and so on. If you like to spend a long time on the water, choose a hat with UPF rating of 50+ for the best protection. Also, a hat with a wide brim will prevent sunlight from interrupting your vision and protect you from the sun and rain. In addition, your hat should have a chin string to help you adjust the size and keep it safely stay on your head.