The behaviors your parents teach you may not be the norm in today’s world. As the times change, certain etiquette standards also change. Hat etiquette has changed as well.

From iconic berets to classic fedoras, men wear hats often and elegantly. If you want to be a gentleman, then the courtesy about wearing a hat is essential. When you say hello to someone on the street, if they are women, you might want to wear a hat or simply touch the hat when you say hello. If you stop talking with a woman on the street, please take off your hat during the conversation. Do not wear your hat on the table while you are sitting at the table in the restaurant. 

We live in a world that is more casual than that in the past few centuries, and as the style has gradually become more relaxed over the years, so is the rule of hat etiquette. In the previous generations, no man would wear a hat indoors generally, not to mention to wear a hat at the table.       

As a good rule of thumb, take off your hat in some private situations. For example, visiting a friend and wearing a hat may obscure your face, so it is polite for you to take it off. Modern hats come in a variety of styles and functions, which include a casual bucket hat, a normal top hat and a functional fishermen’s hat and more. You should obey some basics to wear the hat correctly.   

In contrast, if you are in a public place, such as a shopping mall, subway or sporting event, then any type of hat is a good fit. The hat is both a fashion accessory and a functional part of our wardrobe. This means we must understand the precautions of the hat etiquette to ensure that we have good manners.   

When you are in outdoors, you are usually free to wear a hat. If you walk into someone’s home or office, you should always remove your hat. If it is raining, please shake the hat slightly before entering to avoid water dripping onto the floor. What you should do at the restaurant depends on the type of restaurant you are going to. If this is a restaurant that offers table service and when you are waiting, you should always take off your hat. You can hang your hat on the hat rack if you can. However, since it is difficult to find a hat rack or a hat stand now, you should try to hang the hat on the back of the chair. The exception is in a cafeteria or fast food restaurant, if you prefer, you can wear a hat.  

In most other indoor venues, including theaters, cinemas, concerts, banks, etc., it is also a courtesy to take off your hat. However, it is perfectly acceptable to wear a hat when travelling in public transport or retail stores. A notable exception to the indoor rule is at the post office where you can wear a hat. Therefore, you can liberate the package with your hands.