Legends of Santa Claus

The legendary Santa Claus is an old man with a white beard in a red robe and a red hat. Every Christmas he comes from the north in a deer sleigh, goes through the chimney and hangs Christmas presents in socks on the front of the children’s bed or in front of the fire.

Santa Claus was born in Asia minor around the end of the third century by the name of old (Nicolaus). He was of good character and was well-educated. As an adult, he entered the monastery and later became a priest. Soon after his parents died, he sold all his possessions and gave them to the poor. At that time, there was a poor family with three daughters. The eldest daughter was 20 years old, the second daughter was 18 years old, and the younger daughter was 16 years old. Only the second daughter was strong, intelligent and beautiful, and the other two daughters were weak and sickly. So the father wanted to sell the second daughter to make a living, and when St. Nicole learned of it, he comforted them. In the night, old Niko secretly loaded three socks of gold, quietly placed each of the three girls’ bedside; The next day, the three sisters found gold and were all overjoyed. Not only had they paid off their debts, but life had been carefree. Later, knowing that the gold had been given away by Niko, they invited him to his home on Christmas Day to express their gratitude.

Every Christmas, people tell the story, the children listened to envy, hope Santa Claus to send them gifts. So there are the legends mentioned above. The legend of Christmas socks came about, and later children around the world had the custom of hanging Christmas socks.

Later, he was raised to bishops. He tried his best to proselytize. He died in 359 AD and was buried in the temple. After death there are many traces, especially the tomb often flow incense liquid, can make a hundred diseases cured.

It is reported that the story of Santa Claus originated from Saint Nicholas, a religious figure. In the fourth century AD, he served as bishop of Denglei, Turkey, a town with a long sunny sun. He was kind and charitable, and later people added some mythological stories to his life stories. Finally, it evolved into today’s familiar, smiling Santa Claus with gifts.

It was said that there was a poor family in town who could not afford to buy dowries for his three daughters. Saint Nicholas knew that he had thrown a bag of gold through the window one night and the next day he had lost another. But on the third day, when the window was closed, Saint Nicholas had to climb up the roof and drop a gold bag from the chimney, which fell into the sock that the girl had dried in the fireplace, and turned into a sock hanging on Christmas Eve. The tradition of waiting for Santa Claus to give gifts.

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