The Origins and Stories of Christmas

For Christmas, every child is full of expectations, because they always fantasize that if they put a sock on the bed, they will get up on Christmas Day and have their own gifts. But these are just our naive fantasies at the time. We all know Christmas, but do we know the origin and customs of Christmas? Next, let’s take a look at it!

On the eve of the festival, the church will be arranged mainly in blue and purple. The tablecloth of the altar, the curtain of the podium, and the shoulder band of the priest’s robe are all purple. And a wreath of evergreen leaves is usually placed in the center of the altar, with five purple candles in the middle, and an extra candle is lit every Sunday. By the end of Christmas Eve, the whole world lights the last candle in the middle. The candlelight symbolizes the light that brought light to the world in the first cry of the Holy Baby Jesus many years ago.

Santa Claus was actually Bishop Nikolais in the third century. He risked his death to save the prisoners who had been killed, and to expose the greedy officials to the grain, so that the people could survive the famine. When religion is persecuted, he is imprisoned, full of whiplash, pincers and imprints, and still adheres to his faith. The rest of his life stayed in Mila, setting up orphanages, caring for the sick and the poor. Among the stories of Nikolis’s life, his generosity and love for children were the most popular ones. These deeds were later enriched by children’s literature, and became the story of Santa Claus as we know them now.

The most important thing about Christmas is forgiveness and reconciliation, not waiting for Christmas presents. On this quiet night, think about if anyone has offended you, and you haven’t forgiven him yet. Forgive him?

Do you know the three Christmas colors? Curious you must want to know, well, let me tell you, the Christmas color is red, green and white, in the West, every family will decorate the room with Christmas color, what does red mean? Red, of course, means candles, so what does green mean? Very simple, green of course refers to the Christmas tree, white and red with what do you mean? Santa Claus, Christmas tree, red candles, Santa Claus constitute the three essential elements of Christmas. Children often put a pair of socks next to the stove, waiting for Santa Claus to give them what they want, in the West adults often play Santa Claus, when the children asleep, secretly put gifts into the socks, In the West, it is a constant custom to play Santa Claus.

Then there is the western Christmas feast. Westerners often surround themselves with Christmas trees and enjoy holiday meals with their families. Of course, turkey is essential, and there is also a lot of wine. Parents, grandparents and children will enjoy a gluttonous feast, everyone will drink happily.

At Christmas, everyone sings Christmas songs, old and young, together, to enjoy the joy of the festival.

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